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About Us

We have always enjoyed plants of all kinds, and growing them has been a great adventure for us. Our shared enthusiasm for continually learning and sharing our knowledge and ideas with others is a great blessing. We’re passionate about producing plants of the highest quality possible, and although we are not organic certified, we use Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) products whenever possible. In addition to our passion for growing plants, we both love to cook. Over the years, we have experimented with various recipes and techniques, avidly reading and trying recipes from some of the world’s great chefs like Thomas Keller, Eric Ripert, Michael Symon, Michael Ruhlman and Mario Batali. With our love of horticulture and cooking, it was only natural for us to start growing our own fresh herbs to experiment with and integrate into our gourmet meals. Herbs are very easy plants to grow and care for, and yet, they add so much to the enjoyment of food. Sharing an appreciation for the arts allows us to be creative in what we present to people: using many different varieties of individual herbs, mixing colors, suggesting ways to prepare and enjoy them in unique dishes and preparations. We want our customers to share our enthusiasm, and they have. We love hearing tips and recipes from people and their responses to “so what’s for dinner today?”

So when we decided to form a business of growing and selling something we truly enjoy, we never thought twice about it. With all the experience and knowledge we’ve gained over the years, and all the fun we’ve had along the way, Glacial Till Gardens doesn’t want to just provide you with great plants… we want to educate you about every aspect of our products—from planting and caring for plants, to proper handling, food preparation and other creative uses. We are always available to brainstorm ideas and answer any questions you might have—and if we don’t know the answer, we’ll find it.

Bob and I have completed our second year of growing herbs and have added cut flowers to our product mix in 2013. We find true joy and excitement in the possibilities that they provide. In October 2013 we became members of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers (ASCFG). The wealth of information and experience this association offers that is shared by its members has proven to be very rewarding.

We are enthusiastically preparing our 2014 season.

Sharing our knowledge and ideas as Glacial Till Gardens is our passion… we look forward to bringing them to you!